Dog owners tend to think of their pets as part of the family. They may call them fur babies and would do anything for them. However, from time to time, pet owners need to go away for extended periods of time. If they can’t take their dog along with them, they have to make other arrangements. For some, a kennel is the obvious choice. Kennels are experienced at taking care of pets while their owners are away. They have everything a pet will need, including special diets, an open yard to exercise and trusted staff to interact with the dogs.

However, a kennel isn’t always the best option for a pet that isn’t comfortable around other dogs. In these cases, Charlotte pet sitting is a much better choice. Pet sitters can step up and take care of an owners dog at their own home or at the pet owner’s home. Some pets are more comfortable in their own surroundings and for these particular dogs, having a sitter come to their home can make the dog more comfortable, ensure he behaves better while the owners are away.

Sitters are more likely than kennels to provide individual attention to the dogs they supervise. Because they typically only care for one family’s pets at a time, they aren’t overwhelmed by several dogs and forced to give their attention to the ones that act up more than the others. By hiring a pet sitter Charlotte NC families can be certain their dog or dogs are in good hands while they take care of any business they have away from home.

Pet sitters can help families on a short notice and some families are able to establish a relationship with their sitter so their dog actually looks forward to spending time with them. Whether the pet owner knows they’ll be away far in advance or needs someone to watch their dog while they work a double shift, a sitter can come to their rescue. Pets that stay with sitters while their owners are away are never caged or put in uncomfortable situations. Owners never have to worry about their pet being mistreated while they are gone because sitters are never too busy to give attention to the pets in their care.